Since 2003 Dale Henn designed, developed and brought to market the most advanced wearable fitness products to the consumer and athlete.  Together, they have generated over $300 million in sales with over a million users.

Dale Henn

Dale Henn
CEO • Founder • EMS expert

“I pioneered the introduction of consumer electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) products into the United States, first with Slendertone & Compex (2003), then as creator of the  Contour Core Sculpting System (2008).  I’ve continued to innovate the technology to be more powerful, smaller and truly wearable!  No more sticky gel pads to replace and no bulky devices to connect.  But most important is no wires!

STIMFIT (2016) is the most recent evolution of EMS devices.  It is the first ab belt to work both the abs and lower back.  It features programs for improving muscle strength and endurance.  But it also has a program for circulation and blood flow … sure to sooth and comfort your back.  Compare the features of STIMFIT to any other ab belt and the choice is obvious.
There is no more versatile, powerful ab+back belt on the planet!”