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Muscle Stimulation – Ab + Back Innovation Long Overdue

Ab + Back muscle stimulation has been absent in the market.  Ab belts have been around for many years.  Many of them are compression style belts that can hold the “belly” in, giving the appearance of being slimmer.  Back belts have also been around for many years.  They typically have some sort of splinting or […]

Calorie Burning Boosted by EMS

In recent years, numerous studies have demonstrated that electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) can boost calorie burning.  The studies concluded that using EMS, a person could stop the decline of metabolism with age.  Findings also show an increase from 20% to over 50% increase in calorie burning just by using EMS on the abdominals.  If you’re […]

Nano Sized EMS Powerhouse.

STIMFIT® is a  new electronic muscle stimulation product.  It’s an innovation AbBelt featuring Swiss Stimulation Technology from Valmed SA.  It is the World’s Most Smallest & Powerful AbBelt. The Early EMS Years Since the 1950s, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) devices have been used to enhance muscle and sports performance.  The former Soviet Union were pioneers.  They used […]

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